Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan

Original spare parts in our shop

"EVI-autocenter" shop - is always a wide range of high-quality goods. Here you can purchase parts and supplies for any foreign vehicle, branded accessories, additional equipment and tools. The store also supplies parts to order in a short period of time! We have flexible discounts system!!! Search and delivery of quality parts around Bishkek is available. There is an extensive electronic database.

The assortment of goods offered by "EVI-autocenter" sales department is constantly expanded and updated.

  • Wide range of Bosch spare parts for Toyota Land Cruiser 80/100 / Prado
  • Engine Oils
  • Transmission oils
  • Automatic transmission and power steering fluids - Shell, BP, Castrol, Wolf, Mobil, Rheinol.
  • Lubricants
  • Filters (oil, fuel, air, automatic transmissions filters, cabin filters) - Filtron, Mann, Toyota Original, Knecht

Tires for passenger vehicles and SUVs:

  • Dunlop
  • Matador
  • Nexen
  • Yokohama, etc.

Shock absorbers
Headlights, rear and turning lights glass for lights,
fixing percussion caps for attaching moldings, paneling, etc.
Clutch cables, accelerators, speedometers
Belts for A/C, alternator, gas distribution system, power steering
Wiper blades
Spare parts for the undercarriage: (levers, tie rods, steering nozzles, bushings, ball joints, silent blocks, steering racks anthers, CV joints anthers, shock absorbers anthers)

Brake pads: Ferodo, SCT, Pagid, Maff, Toyota
Spark plugs
Gasoline pumps
Lambda sensors
Nozzles, etc.
Alarm: Black BUG, Enforcer, Magicar, etc.
Central locks
storage battery
Fire Extinguishers
Accessories and tuning

• Trim cleaners
• Dash polish
• Leather, vinyl, plastic cleaners
• Body polish
• Tire-cover restorers
• Anti-friction metal conditioners ER, Fenom, SMT2
• Additives for engine, gearbox, automatic transmission, Power Steering, transmission
• Engine, automatic transmission, radiator cleaners
• Carburetors, injectors, engine fuel system cleaners
• Injectors and fuel diesel system cleaners
• Additives for diesel fuel
• Anti-leaker for engine and the radiator
• Audio equipment and speaker systems: Pioneer, JVC, Sony, mp3