Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan

Boge spare parts

BOGE Trademark 
Shock-absorbers BOGE can guarantee high reliability and comfort for sedan’s drivers as well as for drivers of trucks. Brand BOGE is trustworthy and professional partner at the spare parts market. It offers a wide range of shock-absorbers for different intentional operations and more than 4 400 different vehicles models.

Success is only granted to people, are able to combine traditions and modern tendencies: warranty of productions quality and present-days technologies; flexibility allowed to use modern tendencies and offer individual approach. All these facts together make the brand BOGE strong and reliable partner for trade companies as well as for repair and maintenance stations.

Shock-absorbers transform the energy of wheels and body vibration to the heat. But this short explanation doesn’t reflect that this aspect has a great influence on drive safety, comfort and parts wear. The main aim of shock-absorber is to prevent the so-called “bounce” of wheels on rough roads, in other words, wheels lose road grip for short period of time and can’t to transfer brake force, neither turning, nor driving one. Comfort, providing by suspension, can be degraded in the case when body moves on rough roads, by changing driving direction or by braking or speeding transmit to passenger so called without “filter”; shock-absorber reduce this effect greatly and increase comfort for passengers. Besides that, bounced wheel and body vibration increase wear of tires and spare parts for drive-train.


Shock-absorber with maker quality

Optimal Reliability
To serial production,Motor-car industrychooses shock-absorbers to be fitted optimally to corresponding vehicle. They provide, in practice, optimal reliability and greatly operate in any traffic situations. You may choose different types and sizes of shock-absorbers, depending on vehicles model and type.

Shock-absorber for any purpose 
Brand BOGE offer you suitable shock-absorber fitted to different purpose, which is worked out and manufactured according to standards of the maker. No matter what shock-absorber is to be in serial rigging of your vehicle, you will get reliability and comfort with BOGE automatic shock-absorber as if you have a brand new vehicle.

Alternative for ambitious driver Sport-style type

BOGE turbo offers sport-style alternative. It meets maximum requirements in any traffic situation. This is special design for corresponding vehicle with using of modern technologies.

Re-equipment available upon request at any time
If you make high demands to your vehicle and expect best characteristics from you’re the chassis, BOGE turbo will give you more reliability and sport-style vehicle running. It is easy to reequip you vehicle with BOGE turbo shocks as well as installation of shocks supports.

Drop shipment from Germany from best European producers.

1 year warranty without mileage limit.