Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan

Erling spare parts

Original spare parts –always leave good impression

Elring – specialist in gaskets and seals producing, gaskets kits and vehicle spare parts, the quality level of which is not less than the level of original equipment. Our productions for profession maintenance and repair of engines, gear-boxes, exhausted systems and boosters are available in more that 140 countries. One can rely on us!


Original spare parts never let down

If you need a qualified repair make your choice in favor of the original gaskets, gasket sets and other Elring spare parts, since the company - supplier of spare parts, has great experience in manufacturing of components for original equipment.

No matter what problems you have, from engine rebuilt, problem with cylinders block head or crank mechanism, tests of axles or gear-box or just replacing of some gaskets, you may get all parts you need at one time and from one brand.

Wide range of spare parts Elring for trucks and sedan is constantly updating, depending on market requirements.


Our experience – warranty for the best compacting

An absolutely reliable technologies guarantee optimal functioning and productivity of the engine, transmission, axles and options. At qualified repairs and technical maintenance everything must correspond with each other, suet completely and always be close at hand. Erling suggests optimal decision for each problem of compacting.


Seals under cylinder barrel head

Individual decisions for cylinder heads, working under big pressure: either speaking about multy-layer metal seals or meta/elastomer or metal/soft material – Erling offers different constructions, ideally meet engine’s particular qualities.


Special seals

There are flexible compacting systems for different spheres of use: oil reservoir, intake and exhaust manifolds, water pumps, turbo compressors, transmissions, axles… The choice of making material and design are defined by the peculiarities of of each concrete sphere of use.


Seals kits

Final kits for full or partial technical maintenance are handy, for example: final gaskets kit (S), final seals kit for cylinder barrel head (ES), modified seals kit for crank case(CS), seals kit for valve stem (VAS), seals kit for water pump (WPS) and for transmission (GSM).


“All-round” reliability

Dynamic seals are also in the range of Erling products. Here you can find high-quality seals of different models and size, made of different materials for engines, transmissions and axles.


Original Erling production is defended by original hologram Fordefense against cheap forgery Erling production has a special hologram. Nevertheless, not only Erling details and packing are forged, but hologram itself.

Take care to differentiate original hologram from forged one. Only in this case you can be sure that you have an original spare part from Erling, the quality of which is compared well with the utility for initial equipping.


Erling hologram

Forged hologram

3D image (stereoscopic effect)

Shallow stamp (without stereoscopic effect)

Can’t be removed from the surface, doesn’t divide into layers,

Operational label is removed like a film

Digital code is transparent

Digital code is printed in black


Original seal


Matched elastomeric type in compacting of oil path guarantees reliability in operation.

False-machined surface of elastomeric type – threat of oil leakage.



Drop shipment from Germany from best European producers.

1 year warranty without mileage limit.