Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan
Official distributor in Kyrgyzstan

Lemforder spare parts

High degree of reliability and quality in steering technique and suspension is the distinguishing feature of Lemforder brand. Cooperation in elaborations fulfillment along with the leading vehicle producers guarantees prompt realization of increasing demands to reliability, safety and comfort. LEMFORDER suggests over 13000 descriptions of high-quality articles both for passenger cars and motor transport. LEMFORDER is a reliable partner in spare parts market. Moreover, LEMFORDER suggests service arrangements, including informational and educational programs, that technically and commercially provide permanent and profitable development of business.

Production: rubber-metallic articles 
Superiority of safety and quality makes LEMFORDER prominent. Experience that we had got working together with the leaders of world vehicle industry allows us to guarantee that increasing demands of safety and comfort will be satisfied. LEMFORDER produces high-quality output for passenger and commercial vehicle. LEMFORDER is a powerful partner of independent distributor. We can suggest you more information and also trainings, that will provide you with technical and commercial support and everything that is necessary for permanent and profitable business. All these promote LEMFORDER.

Quality – is prerequisite for your trust!

This slogan refers not only to details of steering mechanism and drive-train, necessary for driving safety, but also to the rest groups of goods, such as:

  • Steering mechanism and drive-train
  • Suspension components
  • Elements of drive mechanism
  • Brake
  • Engine and driving

LEMFORDER has a quality brand of maker of passenger cars and vehicles for industrial purposes.

Steering mechanism and drive-train components refer to details that are charged with driving safety, while being designed, made and assembled they undergo close control.

They must guarantee optimal safety of driving in any situation that can emerge ether through driver’s fault or not.

Status «D Part» (safety detail) directs to extend articles’ tests, that are expended in the documents:

Passenger car,
Axle joint, 
Directing joint, 
Drop arm, 
Idler lever of steering linkage 
Swing bearing, 
Suspension crossbar, 
Relay road, 
Relay road tip, 
Independent suspension joint.

Suspension components

The main functions of rubber-metal detail in a vehicle are:

  • • components and units connection, 
    • providing of definite vibrations 
    • vibration damping
    • body noise jamming

At normal loads rubber-metal details are supposed to serve the whole term of vehicle work. They are comparatively inert to overloads, emerging from time to time. They connect components and units, for example: damper strut bearing with body or crossbar suspension with chassis. Thanks to flexible deformability rubber-metal details diminish vibrations and almost completely diminish vibrations in a passenger compartment. To diminish vibrations of such components as engine, transmission, these units are fixed to car frame using rubber-metal details. 
Engine and transmission bearing 
Frame bearing 
Damper strut bearing 
Equalizer bracket and connecting rod 
Rubber-metal glass and joint disks 
Special bearings.

Drop shipment from Germany from best European producers.

1 year warranty without mileage limit.