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Car Rental service in Bishkek


“Evi-Autocenter” Company offers a car rental service in Kyrgyzstan.


Nowadays car rentals enjoy wide popularity in Kyrgyzstan.

A car rental is a quite new service in Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan but as experiences have shown it is in high demand.

“Evi-Autocenter” offers its customers to rent cars in Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan of only the most popular and reliable models - Lexus, Toyota, Merсedes, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford and others.

It’s very easy to rent a car, the issue of documents execution takes only 15-20 minutes. And here you are - driving your personal vehicle.

Company’s private service station allows keeping its fleet of cars for rent in perfect condition, therefore, and so the customers can be sure in safety and faultlessness of vehicles they rent.

Moreover, in cases of acts of God or accidents, the company provides a replacement rented vehicle to the lessee at the period of repair for guaranteed and timely service.

All rented vehicles are insured, and each vehicle is taken, of necessity, for maintenance before leasing to a customer.

Car rentals in Kyrgyzstan are available for driving around Bishkek, as well as for trips all over Kyrgyzstan.



Who may rent a vehicle? Corporate bodies, individuals
KGZ residents and nonresidents
Lessee age – not less than 25
Driving experience – not less than 3 years
What is a car rental cost? From 50$ to 200$. If rent term is more than 3 days – you’ll get a discount!
Where the vehicle can be driven? Kyrgyz Republic
Is there a mileage limit for every car rental day? 250 km a day
What is a charge for exceeding daily mileage limit? 0,35$ per 1 km
What is a deposit sum to be charged? 1000$
How much time paperwork will take? 10-15 minutes
Where can I pick up the vehicle? Our office, Manas airport,any place convenient for a client
What are the car rental options? With or without a driver
Is there a GPS vehicle service? By preliminary order
Do you have baby car seat? By preliminary order
What are the ways of car rental payment? Cash and non-cash, VISA
Are the vehicles insured? All our vehicles are insured
Is there a possibility to insure the passengers? Yes, upon request of a client
Can I get a legal aid if needed? Yes, in case of an accident you get a legal aid in local transport inspection department, ministry of domestic affairs, etc.