Repair and service

The charge for repair depends on complexity of fulfilled works, vehicle brand and model, its engine capacity and type, gearbox, model year, suspension type, fuel system and control system, chassis reg. number and other characteristics. The cost calculation of work is performed in accordance with the standards of time.

Approximate cost of services and the cost of a standard-hour *:


Service shop Phone: (996 312) 35-21-21

List of worksPrice
Undercarriage diagnostics 320 KGS
Engine diagnostics from 1200 to 2500 KGS
Engine overhaul from 15 000 to 40 000 KGS
Leakage test 800 KGS
Engine Oil Change 280 KGS
Alignment from 400 to 1000 KGS
Tire replacement from 80 to120KGS
Balancing (without bobs) from 80 to 120 KGS

All repair services are calculated at the rate of 800 KGS/1 standard-hours

Body works and paint shop Phone: (996 312) 35-17-18

List of worksPrice
Installation on the stand to verify the geometry of the body Car Bench from 4025 to 8450 KGS
Full painting of one part (door, fender) from 3950 to 6350 KGS
Full painting of one part (hood) from 5000 to 8250 KGS
Partial polishing of vehicle from 2000 to 4080 KGS
Full polish of vehicle from 4080 to 7950 KGS

All repair services are calculated at the rate of 800 KGS/1 standard-hours

Glass repair and replacement shop Phone: (996 312) 35-18-36

List of worksPrice
Windshield installation from 1800 KGS
Side window installation from 800 KGS
Crack repair (for 1 cm) 35 KGS
Chip repair from 100 to 1000 KGS

Wrecker services (in Bishkek)

Phone: (996 772) 57-67-67; (996 775) 97-35-35

from 800 to 1000 KGS

* 1 standard-hour — amount of work performed by a mechanic for one hour of working time.