Windshield repair and replacement shop

Driving on our roads every minute puts a car owner under a danger of being hit by a stone to a windshield. Just a moment before you enjoyed your trip and a second later- your mood is spoiled completely. You see a chip or a crack on the windshield and it makes you think of soon investing in its replacement.

But don’t be in a hurry! We offer unique glass repair technology that’s been worked out by U.S. specialists. This technology allows repairing of damage without removing the glass from the vehicle.

With the help of the given technology the cracks and chips of any complexity located on the windshield (inside and outside) can be repaired. Repair takes from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Damage after the repair will look like this:


Before repair

After repair

Internal cavities of a damaged area are filled with special compounds that have the same refractive index as the glass, and the highest level of adhesion as well as. As a result of the subsequent polymerization, the inner surfaces of cracks are firmly glued together. The given repair prevents the damage of getting worse and makes it mostly unnoticeable.

In our shop the repair of rear window heater can be carried out as well.