Body works and paint shop

High quality of paint and varnish materials, leading European manufacturers, as well as the latest technologies and a variety of auxiliary equipment allow us to perform painting work in an optimally short time.

Complexly-like equipment of the bodywork shop allows us to perform work of any complexity.

The paint area is equipped with an Italian camera USI. When repairing the car's paint and varnish, highly professional materials, equipment and technologies of well-known manufacturers such as Standox, SATA, 3M, CARSYSTEM, Heat Light, etc. are used.

Also, "EVI-Autocenter" has its own color selection laboratory (more than 30,000 shades).

Special attention is paid to the professional training of specialists, regular trainings are conducted both abroad and in the Kyrgyz Republic on the introduction of new materials and technologies. Training is conducted by the official Standox trainer.

Another important fact is that for each car, restored by the shop of body and paintwork works of the station "EVI-Autocenter", a free insurance is issued for the amount of repairs and a guarantee is provided for a period of 1 year.