New technology of painting Exclusive Line

We offer our clients not only a pragmatic system that allows to solve any problems with paint quickly and qualitatively, but also something special, exclusive.

Standox Exclusive Line allows the workshop to offer its customers what competitors do not offer, and car owners get the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and further emphasize their individuality.

Exclusive Line is a few fantastic colors with special effects. No car is serialized with such paints. If you paint your car in one of these colors, you can be sure that no one will be with you in the same parking lot in the same "clothes".

Atlantis Blue (Blue Atlantis)

Atlantis Blue - elegant and unusual!

New exclusive paint Atlantis Blue, which in English means "Blue Atlantis" - the first in a series of water-diluted exclusive paints. Its color changes from dark blue to sparkling emerald and then to bright aquamarine, reminiscent of the play of light in the waves of the ocean.
The exceptional feature of this new paint is that it is applied just like all water-borne coatings Standohyd: having high opacity, it allows using any substrate colors and significantly saving material (enough one and a half layers).
Atlantis Blue contains special pigments that create the effects of intense light refraction. The polychrome of a new color admires not only in the sunlight. Even in cloudy weather, the effects of the new Atlantis Blue paint remain. Motorists who choose Atlantis Blue, will cause a sensation when their cars appear on the roads.

Crystal Rainbow (Crystal Rainbow)

Exclusive paint Crystal Rainbow is applied to the main color of the car and makes its surface "sparkle". This exciting volume effect is achieved through special pigments, thanks to which the light reflected from the car plays with all the colors of the rainbow. The main color of the car, which is applied to the "Crystal Rainbow" can be anything. Especially sparkling is noticeable against a dark background, and under sunlight the effect is even more pronounced.

Liquid Silver (Liquid Silver)

Imagine how silver plays in the sun, shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow ...
This color of the Exclusive Line Standox Liquid Silver is able to turn a car into a real work of art. At the heart of this paint with a silvery tint lies a new mixture of pigments from Flex Pigments. It has a three-dimensional effect and combines all the colors of the rainbow.
Liquid Silver is a new generation of Standox Exclusive Line colors of the metallic category for true connoisseurs of personalized automotive paints.

And also Avus Galaxy, Catalunya Splash, Laguna Seca Sky, Imola Ice, Daytona Paradise, Kyalami, Flash, Suzuka Sun, Interlagos Fire, Monte Carlo Magic, Silverstone Blue, Monza Red, Indianapolis, Green

Of course, the Internet is not the best place to fully convey the beauty of these colors. If you are lucky enough to see the real car, painted with exclusive paint Standox, in sunny weather, we are sure that you will not remain indifferent ...

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