Star Diagnosis

Computer diagnostics of MercedesBenz cars from 1992 to 2008 inclusive.

Computer diagnostics of Mercedes cars are made with the help of a fully functional analogue of the dealer diagnostic stand Star Diagnosis.

Star Diagnosis carries out:

engine diagnostics;
reading, decoding and erasing of fault codes of all electronic units and systems in accordance with Daimler-Benz standards;
adaptation and coding of control units of electronic systems and their synchronization;
obtaining current data from control units of electronic systems and peripheral devices;
diagnostics ABC (Active Body Control) / Air matik;
diagnostics ABS / ASR and Brake Assist / ESP;
Airbag diagnostics;
check the operation of all sensors, electrical connections;
check of ignition systems, correction of fuel systems;
During computer diagnostics, the measured values ​​are compared with the factory parameters. The results are printed.

All systems of the car, structurally designed for computer diagnostics, can be tested in our service station.

The station "EVI-Autocenter" is waiting for you daily from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.