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Motorcycle rental terms and conditions

Requirements for the Tenant:


Age of the tenant is not less than 25 years

Experience driving for at least 3 years

Restriction of the territory of exploitation - Kyrgyz Republic

Motorbike deposit - $ 1000 in cash

The mileage limit is 350 km per day

For each exceeded km $ 0.35


Payment order:

  • In the case of hiring a car for a period of up to 1 (one) month, the Renter makes a payment of 100% of the total rent and the amount of the deposit;
  • In the case of hiring a car for a period of more than 1 (one) month - the Lessee makes an advance payment of 100% of the rent for 1 (one) month and the amount of the deposit. Subsequent rent is paid by the lessee on a monthly basis in accordance with the rental agreement.


Forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Cashless payment (Visa only)

For regular customers provides a flexible system of discounts.


Actions of the Lessee in the event of an accident or other emergencies:


In case of an accident, the Lessee shall:

  • Do not move the vehicle that participated in the accident;
  • Immediately call representatives of the Lessor;
  • Immediately call representatives of the insurance company;
  • Call traffic police officers;
  • Record witnesses (name, address, telephone).


In case of damage caused by actions of third parties (theft, hooliganism, etc.), the Lessee is obliged:

  • Immediately call representatives (Lessor);
  • Immediately apply to the internal affairs agencies with a statement of the incident, together with the representative of the Lessor (in case of actions of third parties).



Necessary maintenance;
Evacuation of a technically faulty motorcycle;
Provision of another motorcycle for the period of repair technically faulty;
Delivery of a motorcycle at a convenient place and time (extra charge)